Cubicles vs. Benching Systems

Benching Systems are all the rage in offices today giving more traditional Cubicles a run for the money!

Benching Systems are essentially free standing Work Surfaces without the Panels or Partitions in between. This allows everyone to see each other and communicate more easily. Gone are the Storage bins or Overhead Cabinets with Task Lights that hung on the taller panels. The closest analogy to this trend is Bingo Tables! That’s correct Bingo Tables. And the manufacturers are the ones yelling Bingo. Twice the price of a cube and half the material is a bonanza for the manufactures. And since the customers are happy it seems like a win-win for everyone.

You can dress up the Benches with Glass Dividers and under surface Storage components and add even more expensive Electrical Distribution and Data channels or Beams. This allows you to pay up to three times the price of a comparable cube while your employees spend more time talking about non-business related topics and current events; something once reserved for the water cooler.

We have found a very reasonably priced Benching System for our customers who require Benching Systems. Ask us for the details…

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